Thursday, October 16, 2008


Questioning David Herle

One of the reason the Liberal Party has been in disarray Since 2001 is the group that was around Martin and the vindictive nature of their purging of others views. This took place with the blessing of the Senior members of the party and we wonder why there is a disconnect for the voter base.
David Herle was part of that Martin inner circle that lead us to the slippery slope decline toward minorities and opposition. For him to be pronouncing on the party problem further undermines it credibility of that group when you can't see you are the causes of part of the problem.

no argument from me on that seems like a few people have a hot air to let go off and also just can't face looking at themselves in the mirror...
It's like a guy who bought a fleet of Hummers complaining about all the smog. Herle is criticizing what he created, it's ridiculous, but then again, hardly surprising.
Hey. You. The anonymous turd with no name, no email address, and no balls. Go fuck yourself.
James, are you referring bto the original poster or someone who has been deleted. I hope it's the latter.
James represents exactly what this post entails. A party that is so concerned with itself, that it cannot act with dignity to different views, no matter how extreme.

I am reminded of the debate here in London On, and a bunch of us were discussing the London-Fanshawe debates and someone was making fun of the Christian Heritage member, who somehow linked all his views to abortion. As comedy rich as that was, Glen Pearson quickly shut down any of that informing the young liberals that even though his views were different than our they were nerveless important, if not to us, than to him, and should be respected.

If more members of the Liberal Party had that attitude I think we would have had a majority, with or without the Dion mess.
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