Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Canada For Sale

I was in Windsor on the weekend and pick up a copy of The Windsor Star to see a list of Canadian assets that Flaherty is reviewing for sale. A sale that is considered forced by the Conservatives two year spending spree and the unwarranted tax cuts that destroyed the surplus the Liberals had built up so they can try to avoid the defict they caused. Items on the list showed that the Conservatives truly do not respect Canadian cultural institutions. We have things such as, The Museum of Civilization,which includes the War Museum, The National Gallery, the National Museum of Science and Technology, which includes the Aviation Museum and Agriculture Museum, and the Museum of Nature on the block.
I believe Canada has a wonderful depth of museums that help us identify who we are as a nation. This is why past governments that understood the importance of the government establishing and running institutions that make us proud to be Canadian. I do not believe we can put a dollar value on our national heritage.

Could you post the entire list of what's possibly on the auction block? Or provide a link, if there is one, to the article where the list is?

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