Thursday, November 27, 2008


Time For Canadian Nationalism

The question is has NAFTA really helped Canada? I think not. The most important factors that led to expanded trade over the last 20 years were the cheap Canadian $, publicly funded health care, and the insatiable US appetite for oil, gas and other resources. Our $ started to climb 24 months ago and our manufacturing was in trouble. US housing slowed and our lumber industry stumbled. Previously The US imposed tariffs on our lumber that were illegal under NAFTA before that because they are protectionist by nature.

Now is a time to open up NAFTA to get rid of Chapter 11 and the proportional sharing clause that requires we maintain the flow of energy to US at our expense. Since free trade came into effect close to 70% of Canada's crude and 60% of our natural gas goes to US which is an increase from 33% and 25% in 1985.

Federal governments over the last 25 years have lost their vision to provide good government for all Canadians to protect us by ensuring national policies are strengthened in a variety of sectors; energy, equal health care accessibility, a national communication plan, a new national public transportation system (pipelines, rail and road). We now export ample amounts of oil to make the country self sufficient but we import 49% of our oil needs. At the same time the National Energy Board has been undermined so pipe lines to the US are built before our own national needs are secured.

The opening of NAFTA can be used to strengthen our national security while at the same time a full disclosure of regulator integration changes under the Security Prosperity Partnership negotiations should come to Parliament for approval.

Governments have a moral responsibility to enhance Canada's sovereignty and national interests by strengthening the fundamental structures, institutions and values that make us distinct.

Canadian nationalists are highly concerned about the protection of Canadian sovereignty and loyalty to the Canadian state, placing them in the civic nationalist category. It has likewise often been suggested that anti Americanism, or at least hostility towards the United States, often plays a prominent role in Canadian nationalist ideologies. When nationalists speak of "independence", it is widely understood that the actual meaning is "independence from the United States".


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