Sunday, December 07, 2008


Black Day for Office of Governor General

Governor General Michaelle Jean diminished the stature of the role of governor General in the manner she handled the request of Harper last week. To not have talked to Her Majesties Loyal Opposition show a lack of understand of that office in the Parliamentary system. To have set a constitutional precedent by proroguing parliament and at the same time being secretive as to the rationale treats the citizens of Canada as if we were in a tin pot third world dictatorship where the elected representatives of the majority of citizens need not be heard from. I am sure if she had called upon the parliamentary constitutional experts available to her a fuller more measured consultative less secretive approach would have been take.

At the end of Michaelle Jean's term the we must have a new Governor General. This Canadian needs to have a fuller knowledge and understanding of the constitutional role of the office and the intricacies of the Parliamentary constitutional precedent. The person must also ensure the decision is open and transparent.

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