Monday, December 01, 2008


Harper "I am not a Dictator"

I find Mr. Harper’s actions and statements over the last eight weeks to be contradictory and misleading. During the election he was adamant there was no economic crisis and he could never foresee a need for a deficit He then went on to ridiculed the Liberals for putting forward a plan to deal with the crisis which included having a series of meeting. Immediately after the election he declared we had a crisis and implemented the Liberal plan calling a series of meetings.

Mr. Harper also attended a number of international meetings to deal with the global crisis that his Government had not for seen during the election. At each of those meeting with the G 8, G20 and APEC members the message was clear, we have a world wide economic crisis and all Government should implement a stimulus package, not make financial cuts to programmes, not become protectionist and deficit was expected. I clearly remember Mr. Harper in Peru standing at the podium stating he foresaw a deficit as necessary along with a stimulus package.

Mr. Harper also stated after the election he would work in a co-cooperative consultative way with the other parties to make the minority government work. The content and manner of the financial statement delivery is diametrically opposite to his recent statements and opposes the commitments he made in public to our international trading partners. The financial statement included no stimulus package; it did include cuts to programmes and was not built on cooperation with the other elected members of parliament. Instead he used the opportunity to attack things he did not like, such as, pay equity, collective bargaining, and unions.

In the past three elections Mr. Harper has not gained the support and votes of a majority of Canadians and only in the last two elections did his party get more seats. When Martin’s Liberal Government was in a minority position and asked to go to the polls he wrote to the Governor General asking her to ask the opposition to form a government before calling an election. Now he claims it is undemocratic for parties to form a coalition and rule. Yet the other three parties represent 64% of Canadians voters. The election was so recent that for the Governor General not to request the other parties to see if they can form a coalition would not be acceptable and is constitutionally the correct thing to do. He had the nerve to stop parliament and prevent votes because he was not getting his own way. What right does he have to stop our elected representatives from fulfilling their constitutional rights??

This man has shown a total disregard for the majority of Canadian voters. He has shown disrespect toward the institution of parliament by continually being obstreperous, belligerent toward the majority our elected representatives.

I hope that Harper can resign honorably and with class.
From the preamble of the Accord:

"a belief in the role of Government to act as a partner with Canadians and Quebecers."

You have already partitioned the country! This is the first government ever to have agreed to such a thing. Woe, Canada!

This is treasonous behaviour. Shame, shame, shame. Liberals will regret the day that they undermined our country for the sake of power.

JC Kelan
Class, right. There'll be no new tricks for that dog.
And Jc, we get it. Your koolaid cup is never empty. Just recycle that tin foil hat and void your bowels before bed, okay?
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