Friday, December 12, 2008


Ontario Government Drags Its Feet

Why has it taken nearly a century to update the mining legislation. Until it is passed there should be no mining activities on sensitive and cultural landscapes.
Land owners need to have a say on who walks onto and marks up their land, therefore, prospectors should get informed consent.

Why do we have to wait 15 year to have a land use plan in place for the Boreal forests. This area of Canada houses in is soil and trees the world's larges supply of carbon. In Ontario alone, about 97 billion tonnes. Terrestrial disturbances lick mining, road building, and logging ,disturbs the physical environment releasing carbon into the atmosphere prematurely, where it forms CO2, contributing to global warming. In the 2004 election McGuinty promised there would be no more new logging commitment until a land use plan was in place. This is yet another broken promise from that campaign.

Keep the carbon where it is stored in trees and the soil. this will help us fight climate change.

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