Thursday, January 15, 2009


Shown Wanting Again

Canada has given a new contract to North Star to build trucks for the army. The trucks will built in Texas and the company will close its Catham plant in Ontario. Where is the thinking of this Government? Canadian Tax $ help US recover. What about Canadian workers?? Where was the clause they use the Canadian plant so we get the value of the government contract?
Conservatives have to go!

This makes one sick. Isn't the government supposed to try to keep the jobs here, so the plants won't close in these hard times . Canadian jobs first, McKay, you idiot!
Nsnos had a poll that said the majority, 1 in 4 do not think Harper is the right person in trying to get us out of this mess
Isn't it Navistar rather than North Star?

Also, there's no causal relationship between the closure of the Chatham plant and this contract (which you seem to imply). The Canadian operation has been winding down operations for years.
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