Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Tough Decisions at Home

Trying to stay focused on major issues facing Canada with all the international distractions is a tough job. It won't be long till we are back to political brinkmanship. Canadians really need a Government who's goalies to help Canada adjust to the economic restructuring. To this end we need a major investment in concrete and social infrastructure. There are the quick shovel in the ground needs of municipalities to upgrade roads, sewers, arenas, libraries, harbours etc.. Then there are the soft infrastructure projects that are critical for us as a society: Child care, job retraining, social housing, higher education flexible use of UIC that kicks in earlier and for longer.
Tax cuts will not help. There is a low stimulus return to cuts because people we them to pay down debt, save for rainy days and if there is a little spent it is most often on imported consumer goods TVs, iPods and so on.
Canadians have a history of looking at the greater good rather than the selfish me first. I hope this is what we will get.

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