Friday, February 27, 2009


Bill C10 and the Conservative Agenda

The conservatives are using the budget to be sneak and push forward their Conservative agenda. The Liberal party is complicit in the action. Women will no longer be able to appeal to the Human rights Commission to get equal pay for equal work. they will have to go through the bargaining process which failed before which is why the pay equity changes were originally put in place. Why shouldn't women get equal pay for equal work? We know women earn about 30% less than men performing the same work making it much more likely that single mothers and their children will live in poverty. This means the children will not perform as well in school, and if we do not have a well educated population we will have less ability to get out of this recession in an expedient manner.
The pledge by Ignatieff to support the budget makes this a Liberal-Conservative Budget, which means the current Liberal leadership is divesting itself of true Liberal principles. The Liberal party was once the party that looked after all in society with a commitment to raise the welfare of all Canadians not to deliberately push some down. Why are we not seeing Liberal amendments to this legislation?

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