Monday, February 02, 2009


A Pestilence of Opportunity is Upon Us!

As US raises the protectionist flag it is time to revisit NAFTA and the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) agreements. These two have cost Canada too much sovereignty. As the rules are changing we should scrap Chapter 11 and put a hold on any more deep integration of our regulations through SPP with the US. We need a full public debate on Canadian economic sovereignty.
On the Green agenda we need to ensure fresh water becomes a Fundamental Right of all Canadians and not allow bulk exports of this crucial resource. We need to protect our health care from privatization. We need to become petroleum self sufficient so we do not have to import oil to the east coast. Finally lets go green starting with a ban on bottled water, installing modern sewage plants in all municipals areas ie, so Victoria doesn't put raw sewage in the ocean, and clean up the dirty oil production of the tar sands.

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