Thursday, April 16, 2009


Anti Job Creation Move

I have been a bit behind in my reading. I see the McGuinty Government is again working against the creation of jobs in Ontario's manufacturing sector. The Zenn car has been regulated out of the market so we loose jobs in Ontario. The decision is also an environmental green industry disaster. An opportunity to be a world automotive leader has been lost missed! At the same time we give my tax dollars to over incompetent CEOs to run crumbling enviromentally poor companies.

Do you have a link? That just made my day, because that car isn't road worthy, it's a death trap made out of tin, not to mention impractical.

Get it up to speed, get it safe, then we can all lament how McGuinty missed an opportunity. As it stands now, it's a wise decision and I applaud him for not caving to misguided pressure, under the guise that this death trap is a solution.

Anybody who puts a kid in this car should be arrested:
Well, we allow motorcycles. How do you think they do in the same testing? And they go much faster than a ZENN car. No airbags either.

People need to think a little beyond the latest sensationalized headline and selective demonizing of new products so we keep the same old useless crap politicians get paid under the table to maintain.

McGuinty is carrying water for the same old three that keep peddling vehicles no one cares to buy. Chrysler should just go already. Three times wasn't a charm and this forth death bed is too much to bear. I want a Zero S electric motorcycle but the Status quo Ontario liberals don't like progress.
"People need to think a little beyond the latest sensationalized headline "

Or maybe shouldn't blanket their thinking onto anything that looks superficially appealing, from an environmental front.

Like I said, get it up to speed, apparently a new line is coming, and do something about safety, then I'm on board completely.

BTW, I've yet to see a toddler on the back of a Harley, so the comparison doesn't quite jive. Besides, what's wrong with the Smart Car, plus it's actually quite safe. I'm looking at a hybrid right now, even though it's still not cost effective, I'd like to walk the walk.
You have to start somewhere. Cars had 16 cylinders and no concern for fuel economy when it came out.

If you expect new vehicles from new companies they also need to start somewhere and progress. If the expectation is that they will provide the same vehicle GM produces just gas free then we'll be waiting forever for that.

I suspect that's the plan. Let it die on its own then McGuinty doesn't look so bad for funneling cash into failing business and facilities since first elected.

Money Not well spent.

Sorry to hear about your hybrid. Saw a recent study where a BMW M3 got better fuel economy. I guess gas isn't so bad if you just use a little less or think you are at least.
"I've yet to see a toddler on the back of a Harley"

So people with motorcycles don't have children? Interesting theory. I guess its only right then to deny everyone an option because someone might have a baby.

Nice dodge.

And you've twisted yourself into such a knot, you're actually telling me a Civic hybrid uses more gas. Wow.

This was a waste of time I see.
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